December 14, 2023

The Pavilion Crown At Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall Is Kuala Lumpur’s Newest Sensation

In a remarkable collaboration, KLPDS partnered with Lightsculptures over an intensive four-year period of meticulous planning, to create 'The Pavilion Crown'—an exquisite chandelier facade. This masterpiece skillfully merges energy-efficient architectural elements with the elegance of timeless Italian style.

The Crown serves as a curved cladding and drop-off area at the main entrance of the Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall. Not only does it elevate the building's aesthetic allure, but it also functions as a practical sunshade, reducing energy consumption and minimising the mall's environmental impact. Its thoughtful design allows ample natural light to grace the interior, offering mall visitors a delightful connection with their surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Italian "Bugnato" style, the cladding pattern showcases sophisticated hand-blown Murano glass ornaments in a princess-diamond cut. These eco-friendly ornaments made from recycled glass efficiently capture and reflect natural sunlight, creating an elegant and subtle sparkle throughout the day, negating the need for activating the RGBW LEDs.

The structure supporting the facade is made from aluminium, adding another layer of sustainability to the project. The full facade and drop-off areas incorporate 2,888 glass ornaments, with the main facade standing at an impressive 25 meters wide and 26 meters tall.

Come nightfall, the facade, controlled by the DMX system, transforms into a pixelated display, enabling the creation of captivating light shows for various celebrations held in Kuala Lumpur.

This masterpiece, with its focus on pushing boundaries in sustainable design, earned the prestigious title of the 2023 LIT Awards Exterior Lighting Design category winner.

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